Why I started (Who is Atsuro Seto)

Here I Atsuro do not publicly declared any for the collaborative activity:”Art sent to Japan 2011″ with the following private complaints. You can regard this as my old style “twitter” Here you could only know why I started at this timing? It was just started as my private e-mails to some acquaintances after the earthquake.

My 3d Mandala Puzzle won a prize and displayed at 3DCG CAMP (Digital Contents EXPO 2010) Tokyo Japan

Hello friends,

After the angry earthquake, we are all OK. Some pillars and walls have been distorted but we have no tsunami at least around me. Telephone line is still off and on. Anyhow my wife Teruko’s pa and ma in Ibaraki-pref. were safe, their home had some serious damages though. We wanted to go soon but we couldn’t. Now I know we can’t meet when we really need. Between us, there’s an electrically completely frozen big Tokyo city. Everything there stopped still. Nobody can comes and goes beyond such paralysed ants’ nest like complicated useless highway.

See ya,

Atsuro 12/Mar/2011 6:53

This is Atsuro Seto writing,

my second CC mail to some friends while this hardest timing. Please don’t chain this mail. I just wanted to talk to you. Also I can not reply soon to anyone.

I visited and just returned from Ibaraki-pref there’s my wife’s parents’ home village named Inashiki city (this “city” means a complex of some red-marked rice-famers’ villages, it equals to a county). Inashiki city is near the Kasumigaura-lake 20~30km west from Kashima sea side where not got typical tsunami-ed but heavily shook constantly far before several years ago.

Ibaraki-pref itself is one of the biggest and nearest rice fields area in Japan, to Tokyo. You probably already know the position of the villages since every airline from/to Narita airport must get turned rapidly in the air just above my wife’s father’s cabin in the vast greenish fields. So now you know this Ibaraki-pref is situated between Tokyo-brain-only-psycho-baby and restless nuclear pots Fukushima-pref. Tokyo brain blood is efficiently blocked at each highway junction and it formed inescapable barrier against panic losers.

I emphasis Ibaraki is not so much focused on TV but enough damaged points to points. there are slow but steady head and body blow on the road popped and pushed vertically, and on their houses roof to roof, neighbour to neighbour. 30km far from sea shore, 30% of houses have slow shaking low wavy damages on their ridge of traditional “Kawara” slate roof (that is rich rice farmer style of this 50 years) > and they temporarily covered by Tarpaulin blue sheets and roped stoned. This blue sheets covering percentage is steeply raised where we come down the road to some 5 minutes driving ahead to the sea side.

My wife’s pa is 77years old now crazily stickily concentrate to prepare for his rice farming, should have began, if there were no disaster, he could start seeding today. but how he/they can with their broken water pomps. no petrol for their use. (I also went with full of extra gas tanks on my car to reach and back here and there’s not enough petrols, making line before gas station for 2, 3 hours is not bearable). Which we shall compensate fast? his/neighbour’s bluish roof or rice for eat after tomorrow?

I know nuclear is the most argent but what can I say on the matter except guessing worst?

Atsuro Seto, 17th/Mar/2011

My dau. Yumemi 12yrs old and son Aoto 6yrs old play Piano ‘n’ Drums.

Art sent to Japan 2011

This is Atsuro Seto writing,

Dear friends this letter is too long to read at once. Very dirty English composition. No consistency below and there’s some private matters to tell my true state. So please don’t chain to any. I will upload the same message onto my homepage. I’ll be glad if you lead fellows to the site with your own wording.

*****Main matter is the following few lines, Just begin:
I want to open again, me and your International Art gallery on the web, as I once held a decade ago, on a little critical this occasion. Gallery with no name, or “Some Art works sent to Japan, 2011” or “Stop Japan, 2011” or so so blah blah, not decided. I’d like to listen your opinion. Take it, just like the old boys and girls’ meeting. I wish you could join!

Atsuro Seto, 3rd, Apr., 2011

Which Captain First? part1

I’m sorry that I did no reply to any. We’re fine for now, my Hadano-city is 250km away, My wife’s home village, Inashiki-city is 150km from the fatal star-child fallout scatter. Me and my wife had had a vague plan that we would shift to Inashiki-city to care her parents within the next 3 ~ 5 years. but Now It become a chaotic gamble whether my teenage daughter and son should meet their grandparents’ live and die. I wanted them to simply face how their grandpa would die as an independent farmer. Just we wanted to help their rice farming as usual years. But already from last week, Ibaraki vegetables started beeping as slightly poisonous. Stopped selling and buying internationally. Me and wife maybe OK to eat their rice and vegetables constantly but how shall be for children? every child in the world. Going to ruin everything. Sorry. Ibaraki-farmers are just being postponed every farming without knowing how long must wait for? My father in law as one of them is as usual very irritating because his blue-swede-shoes-like green fields were already stepped on and now momentary thrown by staying invisible fallout. I doubt that they must swap the entire muds but possible? Once rice was a perfect perpetuum mobile with slight efforts of human energy.

My pa in law with his grand son.

During the last blackout, I burned my all three trees of Pine to the stove ashes. They had been totally killed by Wilt already in last fall.

I’m sorry that I did no reply soon. while I was about to throw my computer-oriented life (already just for Youtube Amazon Pron only) by governmentally forced blackout started. Everyday or every other day for 4 to 8 hours, they say for 1, 2 years.

Personally not much using it already, My house has completed shifting to minimum life since a half decade before, with my financial decay. For example, always with some dynamo-radios constantly charged by my dementia mother’s rolling hand. We have some engines for farming, tube-amp level electric knowledge, a complete set of carpenter tools to prevent constant rain-leaking from the roof, and some musical instruments mostly analog acoustic since I can’t buy X-box Nintendo, nor any good tutor to my kids. Around the fire of my wood stove, I have just taught my son, how to make my paints black from the pine firewoods that had been wilted and died in the last fall strangely. So I have nothing depends on in a moment.

However I must confess fatal weak points of my instant freedom are: lack of petrol, kerosene, being stopped rice farming of my pa, and no gun. Petrol is everything. Without that, me and the people in the disaster all impotent. (tag: Humanity depends on petrol.)

One big headache is coming extra tax for rebuilding the extra nuclear plants, we Jap just like ants repeat dig the graveyard in the flood. The criminal TEPCO anounced so. I privately prefer to die consciously with making Atomic bomb. Father, father in the world! allow us to make an well-packed atomic bomb seems much more fool safe than those Pandora door box types of this mass suicidal ants pantheon.

Shamelessly we Japanese (yes with me) will surely do again, will do simply trace every failure in the same ceremonial way. We Jap can’t stop anything started by not-myself but by some-predecessors in our ants march. We Japanese are still doing, continuing a country-sized Ouija board with invisible non-stoppable majority mood and as always without any parental actor (H.M.Emperor for us is prohibited to rule, his petrol tank always points “E” sadly).

You must listen! Worse is the next decade of Jap. Notorious, passive computer-gamer generations will reach their thirty’s to forty’s to succeed our digging sweeping shit. They are big babies with fatal switches of the world. There are many many switches they can push, and they have never been taught who shall be a master, who is our great old one. With their least relaxed educational backbone, they don’t know where’s the head of our marching line. I say we have at last created extreme stereotype of Jap, as the purified third generation derived from brain-only urban atheistic. they have no experience to use a match, fire, knife, outdoor relief, taste of shitty mud, and finally non imagination on Un-impossibility of minimum farming in every isolated island. So they can’t help pushing the last button. They’ll be the last Jap with own land and the next daughter and son’s generation will be Gypsy. Instead, I wish we could do at least temporary restoration of Emperor-ship. Otherwise we Jap as a whole (not as a private) Kamikaze, but as massively suicidal Kamikaze lemmings, can ruin the world. R L R L, make a line to the end of the Fukushima Giant Kamikaze Budhha Pyramid, You see our body is driving without any particular idea. So called Ouija irresponsible murder state. I CANT STOP.

BTW all the blackout is being scheduled only on the whole outskirts around Tokyo and totally excluded Tokyo main 23 wards. Fukushima nuclear electric mother had directly wired to Tokyo capital city not to Fukushima itself along NIMBY “old maid” rule.

OK, if Captains last to escape, till then the captains should get electric-served. Because they usually maintains our main Tokyo capital pyramid that was cranked upon the top-center of Japanese Ouija, I mean Tokyo’s authority is not by its efficient functions but by the majestic dignity of our Emperor himself, yes borrowed. as you studied with Dalai Lama and those easy-going hippy people in Dharamsala. Why we Japanese have no decision since it has been borrowed or hijacked by the momentary governors, We, Japanese are big cult atheism followers reinforced by Emperor’s absence.

So now watch about those goldfish poop-like followers living in city side. You see the millions of Tokyo ordinary citizens enjoying their urban freedom, acting as if they are dominant majority of Japanese, but actually they’re unbalanced, too much city-sided people. They are nothing but a massive descendants who had run away from the outskirts’ villages into Tokyo Ouija board centre where they have been charged by bloody sweaty spiritual allowance from their parental villages.

Of-course, I know Tokyo citizens has always pay-backed the allowance to surrounding their home villages and all of other poorer prefectures by their bigger tax, atoned endlessly. And those taxes usually stopped in every sub-official pocket on the way to real parental farmers. Not they really goes shaking into each humble villager’s hand. I’ve lived and worked in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto. But there’s no real city in Japan at all.

A word: “Hyaku-sho” is one of the most dirtiest words in Japan from city-sided people as a farting shot to village-sided people. Hyaku-sho is simply meaning “Farmer” in Japanese. Within the Hyaku-sho’s society, the word “Hyaku-sho” means no bad meaning, on the contrary, using with pride to call each other. But from city-sided mind, Hyaku-sho looks like nothing but a tax-eater with empty brain. it’s a kind of sibling rivalry. Cain and Abel…which is which doesn’t matter. Now you can use like: Who is that Hyaku-sho in the Fukushima shitty pots, in yellowish Tokyo Hyaku-sho’s radioactive shit in the ocean, what in the world?!

Japan is a big village as we can regarded this earth is a village. even in any small village, there are two aspects: village sided and city sided ways of thinking, on how to drive our slavery life. who should be your master? Your parental village headmen or their upper actor in the city office? Which is the head of Japanese ants’ march? coming or going? Where is the real top-center of Jap? Imperial palace, or Prime minister’s house, or And Fukushima melting pots, total sublimation is needed. We must abstract ourselves from the radioactive palace.

Why the Tokyo panic-natives aren’t triggered yet? Those panic ants’ feelers are always inquiring H.M.Emperor’s presence. God may bless you!

Now I am thinking of WHY the most lemmings-like Tokyo panic-natives would not be triggered yet? They seemed dangerous random factor but actually H.M. Emperor sensitive. When the Tokyo shut the highways, trains, electricity, I surely felt, I or we were listening H.M. Emperor would still be in the capital? If so, stay. If not, run to the west. The panic ants’ feelers really inquired Emperor’s presence in Tokyo. TV showed his great senior smile and we listened his calm speech maybe it had already recorded in somewhere, He may not be the God but our Great parental symbol still, he should have scold us, “Don’t ruin the world! my children!!” but he’s just smiling sadly. I guess he visited and stayed Kyoto on that time, at least for the first 2, 3 days. Rather wishing so, much better, I think.

Atsuro Seto, 3rd, Apr., 2011

About me,

Now just a little, taking about myself, I am a cheap hunchback exact 90 degree scoliosis since my childhood, I had gradually bent, finally stretched with metal rod and cement on the spine in my high teen. And in the same operation I got the hepatitis C-type with no thanks bad blood transfusion and lost one and half year on my bed, I totally dropped out from enviable Japanese elite ants system. Anyhow now I am already 50 and have relatively young 12yrs old daughter and 6yrs son, they are well playing the piano, guitar, drums. I love them.

When I was teen, My pa forced me to shoulder my family’s shit & piss on pole and go scattering in the radish field. Rotten smell circling! After my pa died in ten years ago, I have been with my mother’s proceeding dementia. It’s OK somebody’s must. Once she struggled to cure my scoliosis when I cursed myself. Now my wife also cares her nicely and of course I have the same decision to care my wife’s parents, maybe soon.

Another profile of me is here.

Below I mentioned Japanese Mikoshi (Shintoic portable shirine) in a village where I live. You can replace the keyword Mikoshi with any Jappy questionable such as the nuclear pots etc..

Which captain fast? part2

OK now please see the following reference to see Jap from villagers’ side:

***** An optimistic explanation before the quakes BEGIN
Japanese traditional portable Mandala or portable Shrine, I mean our Gods’ Vehicle: Mass-unconscious-driven floating Holy mobile, Human-powered magic carpet, Drunken walking talking divine messenger, inexhaustible rice chariot on a humanistic gyro horizon etc. Films recorded by me, Atsuro Seto as a member of the local committee of the Japanese Mikoshi preservation so and so. Bodai Kacho shrine on 2010 Apr. and Hane Suga shrine on 2008 Apr. There we become purified Happy Harvest prayers travelling with Japanese family spirits, wandering in an exposed mental map of every villager’s collective native memories blah blah blah….. anyway C’mon Let’s go! Be your pilot!! Love this is mine and your village JAPAN!!!
****** An optimistic explanation before the quakes END/

the above is the last year’s video of our local festa I took as an executive of the demo.

(Ref., our Mikoshi is really heavy 800kg or more. 40 ~ 50kg on each shoulder, walking like a centipede more or less 1 km and rest for 10 minutes with Japanese Sake or rice beer then again starting strides until some one cry out, stop killing! Crazy? Slavery? Yes that’s why today educated young boy never wants to attend, they say “No God, No obligation.” but at least in this slavery style, we Japanese were potentially really powerful ants, and now?)

13th March 2011, only 2 days after the 311 disaster, a discussion started in my village hall.

There, my local villagers’ main committee (All of our village boss-classed seniors) assembled and officially called me and other executive members of Mikoshi demonstration for annual local Shinto festival on coming 3rd April, Mikoshi is Japanese Mandala but to be shouldered by mainly laymen just in temporary charge.

They asked us,
“How have you well done finding this year’s younger volunteers to carry the precious Mikoshi on their obedient shoulders? How many shall come? And how many among them did candidate as new executives as you had occupied for too long selfishly.”

So I replied,
“It’s not good time to do our fes, after such disaster, the victims are yet few hundreds, but soon some thousands, how?”

They said,
“Plan is plan, you younger don’t have to care we do or not, Nevertheless you must present us your next member plan at this good end of the fiscal. We heard of you were going on strike!”

I said,
“The volunteer lifter’s contract is limited only for 2 years, isn’t? You must consider who I am nothing but one of such volunteers by villager’s invisible bondage calling. I have kept myself doing it for the last 6 years as self-elected executive to promote it, to preserve it, not because I wanted but because nobody wants to do it. We did 3, 4 terms already without finding followers. You should give up this time, as we gave up already in the last summer, since then, no since several years ago many times had informed with stress. And every time you faded in drunken!”

Then they blamed me and other executives,
“We didn’t formally accept it. You have to find inheritors, you to retire. it’s our self- governmental rule! and simultaneously traditional Shinto rule!!”

(Japanese village-sided religious mind is generally born-adopted, we have been an inheritor of traditional Shintoism and Buddhism both, naturally automatically, since childhood, since independent day, since he got a first son, since he attached on dementia parents, finally with no choice, if you want to refuse, better escape to the city, or pretend to be absent, out of small village-scape eternally. Yeah, you probably doubt, “Such sticky rule is still valid?” No, but if you once decide by yourself to preserve any Japanese nature, Japanese virtue, it naturally comes along with elder objects. I have got involved deeply already. And it’s a double-sided sword: one is slavery and another is devotion to “the readiness to die” itself. First it comes onto your stomach nervously, then come down and stay on 3 finger width beneath your navel. It’s a time-sensitive illusion, the more older, the more die-able, a kind of dementia. but that’s the Jap. Such devotion should be sublimed in the top center of Japan ultimately. However it’s already spoiled. It’s not well functioning. I know it, so I continue the story),

I said to our village bosses,
“The more younger Japanese generation, the more learn, the more to be city-sided, and the more difficult to force themselves to Japanese traditional voluntarism. I have asked every younger in occasions, they refused privately. And you must confront at last why such successive refusals never happened to come into open. they have no braveness to declare it in front of seniors, [From a shortage of executives, you regard everybody has a mouth to criticize the system itself as the next executive enough.] as you had taught like that, they learned. No? everybody? That’s why every young sony took the train from the local station, as you experienced after the argument with you sons? as you know this is the dead end for your sons. And I will be such father too, elders!”

They said,
“Whose boys, whose family they are! Who and who said so? We need the names. Oh son of Seto family, big mouth as we counted on, Why didn’t you order younger with your big mouth strongly heavily under our heavy names! with these angry seniors’ heavy names! You weaker than younger, just a mouth you’re! shut up!”

So I continued,
“Such villagers’ bondage has been broken at my generation with governmental new education. I won’t succeed if practically impossible. It has own beauty but now in the dead end in every frontier village, without H.M. Emperor’s particular authorization.”

(Seemingly they had a decided scenario, maybe somebody within us betrayed ourselves as somebody’s good son with some better treat. I mean they already had decided me as the next sub captain).

So they continued without interval, “Within the next given period, you must present us much better solution with enough responsibility if you are the man accepted, do it! Otherwise you’ll be fired from this villagers’ society, ready?”

No ground, So I was going to showing to the last trump as I had already told about that to my colleagues beforehand. I just got out of my upper clothes to my upper naked and showed my hunchback backbone to the audiences. I was in the middle of the assembly of fifty or sixty of stubborn or naturally stoned old guys, just like a witch trial. And I spoke loud in my best,

“Before anything, just look at my back! I am a pretty hunchback scoliosis as you see now.”

(Till then, I have never shown my back to public, except my school days’ swimming class, so for 35 years from the last time. In the school days, late at night before the swimming class, I cried and punched my back till almost killing myself. Now I don’t feel so bad, but paralysis is getting a bit more serious than yesterdays.)

I just continued in joky sound,
“Every off-season and on each contract’s end in every 2 years, I expressed my retiring wish with this physical reason to you main ones, to key persons, and to some main audiences now here. I always got the same answer, next time, next period. How many next time? This mass-self-bondage has no actual entity. everybody irresponsible. I don’t talk about only for myself but you crying elders once went through. From the beginning, it was arranged without asking youngers’ own condition in this old maid game society. Here I declare I don’t do anymore. Everybody got it? I don’t need your OK. Just I engrave your mass consensus.”

And they blamed me and returned to the audiences,
“You are extra ordinary case. Don’t bring general any more. We don’t agree with you, come later in the back stage. Now everybody please listen! At every climax of our Festival, apparently good enough 5 dozen of young people have gathered around our Mikoshi, Who can deny? so we can proceed as the last year, but this exceptional, Seto!”

And I cut in,
“More than half of those 5 dozen are the same kind of Mikoshi helper members from some 2, 3 neighbouring villages’ Mikoshi executives whom we asked, hired to come then we must go for them later, too.”

(The average age of these executive helpers are 45 to 55, now even upto 60, how they can lift?).

I continued,
“And remains are the mob, hooligans or I say blind followers coming only on the very festival day without any sincere mind for helping the preparation we spend for one year from time to time between our own main businesses, with calling each other, arranging schedules, they have no will to respect any, they are the hustlers to ride on the portable God, no will to understand the consecration. Just rushing with group-running-mind, group-flying state like panic zebras or happy birds and fishes. They come on the very day in already drunken irresponsible state, to do their free style fighting dance, and not to shoulder any responsibility on the execution, They come when all necessary arrangement has been done. They come to push and pull just like the front most audiences in the Rock concert get self-excited, braking the border, running up to the stage, playing not disciplined AIR guitar. After the fes, no sweep, no return marching. no thankfulness to their god, no management to refresh the members. Yes in some means, they are necessary factor in every society, every festival. But now the Mikoshi is functioning just as their fart system. We cannot threat them to come. Depends on their free will. They behave like teenagers even in their 30’s then 40’s also, self-hypnotized forever young guys. And lastly, they are already slaves of their factory, company, and of city. Who can pull any one as our new slave, who has been already a slave of some superior bound.”

So who is the captain?

Now who can put the Phoenix on top? Ahem.. although very sudden, here this story is ended by my whimsy. or to be continued somewhere later.

Which captain fast? part3

All our bases are belong to US.

In this Japan after losing WW2, Official, governmental promotion for any specific religion is prohibited with certain Japanese modern law, any religion related rituals can’t be taught in our education sys. So we are prohibited to learn and teach such sometimes dangerously sophisticated hidden Shintoistic and Buddhistic art of human control to our children, art for fight to die to save our country.

This villagers’ society, so called self-governing committee, it is necessary organization but actually not well functioning (that’s why city people wanted to escape, firstly had tried to knock Elder down but failed, so escape from home village. as if everybody escapes from the fact of slavery maintenance in every nuclear pyramid and only enjoying the mysterious electric power.)

Without younger common consensus, without respects on Good old sys, without co-operational bondage from younger generation side, without back flow from city-sided white color, without such immortal refreshment,,,,, actually Japanese village system is already sterile, just the foolish lasts, Naked village emperor game, with no salary, with no tax circulation. To be our village headman, real vast estate is needed to change it for money to buy some beers for other volunteers not to complain. Only the family maintained its first son linage sys can survive this voluntary war. And others (in secondary son’s lineage) were already escaping into Tokyo in their golden 1970’s.

From late 20th, every Nation is crazily busy to survive itself by functioning as a sub-national frame in an earth-sized unitedNations, money

Now our tiny nation NIPPON dumps all national governing on each Pref. Then the each Pref dumps all their governing on each City, and so on.

City dumps all their governing on already fictional virtual villages. Such village as damn’ minimum social bondage upon isolated me and u.

From the last century end, every “Nation” in the world is obsessionally busy to survive themselves by functioning as a sub-national frame in an earth-sized capitally united nations which not yet coming, not yet synthesizing from America and China? or India? or by the rule of the other specific race as in the conspiracy? Anyway now our tiny nation Nippon dumps all national governing on each Pref. Then the each Pref dumps all their governing on each City or County. Then the City dumps all governing on already fictional villages (Here you can define the village is anything as a unit driving without tax. minimum social bondage wrapped upon isolated individuals). Without the way of tax circulation from the virtual top ideal nation to billions of unknown villages, it’s really fictional, unbalanced experimental, slavery voluntary. just a chicken race driven.

Once I thought the Internet would change this but not. I remember just before and after the 911, 2001, I got many uneasy letters from unknown artists, activists in the world to ask about my site’s activity, Questioned my hand-made cosy International Buddhist Art Festival pages, from Russia, Afghan, etc..

They asked,
“Whose festival? in this biased world for the established countries? Are you ready to die for the art as I do struggle with?” I couldn’t reply to their seriousness. I couldn’t imagine, nor manage. Even someone ask me to help Al Qaeda. I just refused. Also too much connections from China..

At the same time, my freelance attitude in the computer business field became impossible to steal the march on everybody’s company works. Once they established their computer business, those human-wave tactics would be far more efficient than individuals. In the same time, as amplifying the multiple fear and desire into a mass. L R L R… So that’s why I stopped refreshing my pages. And now I’m gonna start it again.

Atsuro Seto, 3rd, Apr., 2011

Build yourself from scratch! Live it! Die it!

I against Irresponsible scientists in the world, see their childish toy play minds, They say “Look at me pa, I did! I opened my cock!” And I say, “Hey Doctor! your navel string maybe attached on your Pa not on Ma.” I continue “If started by you, Doc? You do Live it. Die it”

You know, I revived on this very bad timing with anger! These 10 years I forgot how to cry for myself. I just killed myself for my family to live easily moderately in my home village, conservative ghosts’ village. But now I suddenly switched my love and hatred ON to everything, to all Japanese, American. etc.. Mostly to the irresponsible scientists in the world, their childish toy play minds, “Papa, look at me, I did, I did! I opened my cock!” I say, “Hey doc! your navel string maybe attached on Pa!” And his such PaMa didn’t teach him how man pays the price.

Atsuro 09/Apr/2011

Abstract Mandala Complex

http://www.cc.rim.or.jp/~atsuro/ is my previous site.

Past 4~5 years, E-mails coming and going from/to my atsuro AT cc dot rim dot or dot jp were irregularly unreachable often without any error notice. I don’t know how many friends I’ve lost.

This server’s strange HAL-like bad behave have been synchronized with the server company implemented their server-side SPAM filter with too much cheap economical rule, just as, “Letters in English are mostly SPAM for Japanese user.” WITHOUT error log! Now you probably know Japan is such country!

And when and how I knew is, Just few weeks ago with some dozen of ping-pong mailing tests with and without attachment, lastly I reconfirmed by telephone talk.

Yes of course, I must confess, sometimes I was really LAZY at replying, so I dared not to ask any recipient if he/she got or not? What I can say is, I’m sorry. From now on, I’ll do much eagerly. So mail me at

atsuro ATMARK distant-earth DOT org

Also I prefer Telephone call

Atsuro 09/Apr/2011

Heroes on the road

With several years preludes, I remember the climaxed quake on the March 11 afternoon was especially low slow wavy, that time even in enough distant my small garden pond swung scattered its volume to the higher ground. It was not mere series of shaking or scratching but merciless volume shifts continued at least 2 minutes or more.

Before stopping, as I led my dementia mom with her radio, she didn’t understand what happened, Anyway I run out of house with her and why?but yes with a pair of extinguishers.

With the radio, knowing the epicenter, I immediately tried tellephone call to my parents in law livining in Ibaraki pref. It happened to be connected after several attempts. It was lucky that I did call relatively earlier timing than panic hours or the next day long both wired phone and cell phone lasted in useless. Like that I just fortunately knew they were safe.

Cynically this internet through the same telephone wire was good active, but delayed archival, as a typewriter-grown gadget it seemed really handicapped for handling the world in present tense, To run or stay on the fly.

I put TV on and watched crying tsunami alerts followed by the reality, unbelievable end of the world visions captured from TV helico. Many cars’ running away from the split tongues of tsunami, chaining in jam, stopping on the way to help someone of his/her family, and failed in the coffins, no way. I just imagine they were challenging their life for someone. Heroes. Give them much petrol to fight!

Atsuro 12/Apr/2011

Shiva’s bowling

While Bureaucrats try recycling from this entropic one-way motion, We’r just being blown, stepping on Earth-the-meteor in the Universal expansion. Bureaucrats try adopt Fiscal year on this 1-way Univ., as if rolling returning potter’s wheel. But this Globe’s slippin’like a Shiva’s bowling play

Every day 2, 3 times quaking, I feel like digging the earth to know what’s going on? Earth is deadly active, rolling on new corner of the Universal ocean. Everything’s changing amazingly. Never stop, never return. It’s OK, that is the time being.

Only a problem is those elites in their white colored shirts they believe that they can recycle something from this entropic enormous one way motion. We are just being blown as stepping on a meteo so called earth with the Universal expansion of time. White colors believe they can apply their fiscal year on this Universal one way motion. They believe they are rolling and returning potter’s wheel. But the globe sphere was slipping like a Shiva’s bowling play.

Atsuro 14/Apr/2011

Smoke or not smoke

Stop Japanese child play on nuclear! Baby don’t use match. Don’t smoke without an ashtray especially if in the Palace. If we are gentle men and women don’t smoke around babies and Their Majesties’, Why not stop smoking and breathing nuke powder now?

Ooops We Japasese are planning to construct some more new pots without finding how to stop. Is it true economical? Who’s broken my future dream of rice farming with my old father in law who farms now already polluted area!? Anyhow anyway Japanese kids are going to be our future troopers without choice to dig and sweep and pay our today’s sinful price any way. We must think of it.

Atsuro 15/Apr/2011


White colored elites have been taught that other ordinary colored workers and kids and people are necessary sacrificial tool of whole human living and surviving. Worse than VOGON! Japanese bureaucrats are Sacrifice-oriented automatic perverts even in these doomsdays. VOGON! bad poet, bad singer. Put a rest on your score. Silence is the main music sometimes.

Atsuro 18/Apr/2011

Farming with earthworms

Have you watched STAR WARS DVD series? So many many space-ships there! Lucas never describe vegetable farms in his horizontally-designed space ship. Without vegetable, how Skywalker uses his force? Not hungry? Perhaps they themselves are vegetables on the ship where their local axis direct with their head to vegetables’ zenith and earth, and this vertical axis is always crossing at right angles toward their dreaming horizontal direction. Where’s the destination? Sun? Or next earth? STAR WARS is childish Swan boat rider’s battle in the pool. Such chamber pot type is less dimensional than good old earthworm type rocket. I mean farming is fundamental and now Japan is going to lose such fundamental.

Atsuro 18/Apr/2011

twitter facebook etc..

After trying 2, 3 twitts, I bored twitter already. It’s a kind of give-me-a-toilet-paper-call from each isolated cave. Nobody’s coming out because all alone shitting still wiping without the thing.

Atsuro 24/Apr/2011

Walk alone like the horn of a rhinoceros

Japanese rice farmers keep their pokerfaces. Settle their wail down to 3 fingers width below the navel 2 virtually kill themselves b4 2 b killed.

Japasese attitude of uncomplaining slavery acceptance is derived from our own good old farmer’s spirit or DNA long time sturuggling with changeable nature.

Quadruped Identity of the Japanese — among H.M. Emperor, regency governmental frame, cathedral metropolitan and remaining rural natives — was really entangled, hipnotizingly identified as one. But it has actually torn in the last shaking. And there are visible gaps between cities and villages, between H.M. and Official.

The crowd has just started marching within the walls. Circumambulating inside of the castle. Whose castle city? They don’t know their mind wall inside of them. Shouting! Feed me clean vegetables.

While stupid guy from a village (so young) goes to join a City demonstration by train. On the train, he lost himself in a monologue, “What’s a nice neglectfulness in dense train until reaching the city!”

All those big mouths with small eyes just tell me only what you see. Grand kids of Their Majesty are still in Tokyo? If so then do your own business. Please don’t escape into the country side! Big mouth is faster than any tail of Lemming.

Atsuro 11/May/2011

Japanese geeks prefer Stephen Hawking’s No-more-Heaven skunk logic because they’re brain-only. Because no experience loved by virgin girls. So I am just talking to Japanese Pa, Ma, Babies, we are as childish as the Universe. And as old as the same Universe. Tomorrow’s not coming yet. God won’t be there. So here we go.

Atsuro 19/May/2011

Now Japanese farmers started rice planting. Coming bad crop will be mixed thoroughly with safe harvest by gambling governers to decrease poison percentage. Alas we’ve already done on Milk.

BTW you can ask any Japanese rice farmer such as my father under the nuke fallout, “Why started rice planting even this year?” He may reply “Don’t ask me, because all neighbors started.” Oh no! but who can blame it? The sun is getting higher. Lark will start  flying and farmers are just doing farming. They are living by living, so are we? We should have known much earlier, the most effective revolution against Capitalistic governing is to do farming. You don’t have to do it so seriously but do it as hobby is enough.

Atsuro 20/May/2011

Twitter people, why you so easily show your next move? We are not playing Ouija but a world sized chess. Instead of chattering, why don’t you start Random experiments purifying soil & water by such innumerable individuals on twitter. We can total up the consequence there or just blaming seniors forever?

Atsuro 23/May/2011

To begin with, we ordinary people didn’t have to have precise atomic knowledge till now. On the contrary, it will forever be too dangerous for the public to know such powerful knowledge as anyone unexpectedly enough easily can realize and ignite the atomic bomb in a certain condition. without having controllable knowledge. It should be undisclosed as a taboo. At least not for all of us, except no one.

Now some sissy scientists concerned nuke a little are coming out like hysteric beavers to satisfy themselves with their cheap inductive knowledge, doing the very cheap lecturing towards unknown faceless amateurs through twitter. Both sides are naked.

Doctor, if you are professional, don’t kill your time. The scientists should bark towards the government. You could have barked till now so long, instead of such cheap voluntary lecturing. You should have known the human nature on atomic as fundamentally depraved, you should have studied your own nature, how cowardly irresponsible. Please remember, If you didn’t raise your hand in the last home-room, this endless atomic schooldays would have finished much earlier.
“Raise your hand those who can do starting and finishing well?”

Atsuro 31/May/2011

Even in the worst case, You can change the world because you are the world finally.

Atsuro 1st/June2011

Thank you. I swear I’ll never write such long long letter to any one.
Now Jump to the top! Good Bye forever or see you again.

Sincerely Yours,

Atsuro Seto
webmaster AT distant-earth DOT org

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