Bhumisparsa – Kiku Hawkes

Bhumisparsa 施無畏印 – Kiku Hawkes

Held In Sure Arms (A provisional message)

Like a reed that sways with every breeze,
My heart is feeble; it cowers in constant fear.
Dear woman,
With your beautiful, dauntless right arm,
Hold this body tight, I beg you.
And gently soothe this shudder-causing mind’s affliction.
And plain hold me, wind your arms around me,
Press your shoulder flush next to mine,
Then place on my feeble heart,
That sweet warm hand of yours.
O, put your hand here next to my heart,
Dear woman.
And say to me now,
In your tear-muffled, kind-spoken words,
‘Now, now, sweet child,
Don’t you fear a thing.
You’re fit, you’re fine,
No matter what threatens your heart, don’t be frightened.
Just stare far out at the distance, that’s all.
Mind you, not an eyeblink,
Lest your timid heart fly off like a dove.
Stand firm, ever at my side.
And take my heart which has vigor to spare,
And take these hands that attract you,
And this chest, and these arms,
And hold on tight to this undaunted bosom.’

Quoted from “Blue Cat”
an anthology of Sakutaro Hagiwara
Japanese Poet, 1886 – 1942
Translator: Unknown.

萩原朔太郎 (1886 – 1942) 詩集 『青猫』 より引用
平成23年春 日本への絵手紙,メッセージにかえて(仮)

私の心は弱々しく いつも恐れにふるへてゐる
このふるへる病気の心を しづかにしづかになだめてくれ
おまへのかはゆらしい あたたかい手をおいてくれ
ああ 心臓のここのところに手をあてて
恐れるな なにものをも恐れなさるな
なにものがあなたの心をおびやかさうとも あなたはおび
めばたきをするならば あなたの弱々しい心は鳥のやうに
この胸を この腕を

Kiku Hawkes Biography

Vancouver-based artist and photographer Kiku Hawkes was born in Germany and raised in New England, emigrating to Canada in the mid-70’s.

During her years at Friends World College, an experimental university founded on Quaker principles, she traveled extensively, studying in Nepal, India, Japan and Mexico.

Hawkes attended the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, entering with advanced standing, and majoring in Photography. Since graduating she has created a diverse body of work in alternate process and photo-based media.

Hawkes has also participated in a broad range of photographic and related creative endeavours, including instruction of creative practices in diverse venues ranging from traditional arts institutes to parallel galleries to women’s prisons; and the production of numerous educational media productions for labour and professional associations. She has also curated several exhibitions, including a 2-month long, city-wide series of site-specific installations in collaboration with the international project “World Artists For Tibet.” Between 2008 and 2009 Hawkes worked on the digital assemblage and restoration of the 15 ft. X 53 inch, North Wall mural of the Norbu Lu Khang temple in Lhasa, Tibet. Prior to the invasion of Tibet by China, this 1000 year-old meditation chamber was exclusively used by the Dalai Lamas and their teachers.

Hawkes’ artworks have been exhibited across Canada, and collected by both private and public institutions. She has also received national and international awards for her work in commercial photography. Support has come from many sources over the years, including parents, friends, community and government agencies.

キク・ホークス (Kiku Hawkes) について

キク・ホークス (Kiku Hawkes) は、バンクーバーを活動拠点とする画家,写真家です.ドイツで生まれ,ニュー・イングランドで育ち,70年代中頃にカナダに移住しました.キリスト友会(クエーカー)の教義に基づく実験教育で有名な大学フレンド・ワールド・カレッジ (Friends World College) 在学中,ネパール,インド,日本,メキシコ等の世界各地でフィールド・ワークを重ね,その後,エミリー・カー美術大学 (Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design) に通い直し,そこで単位の振替を認められた上,写真学を専攻しました.



彼女は、また、いくつかの展覧会を運営した経験もあります.これには,国際プロジェクト『チベットのための世界のアーティスト展』(World Artist For Tibet)との共同企画として,2ヵ月にわたって街全体にわたって繰り広げられたサイトスペシフィック・インスタレーション(設置場所自体を題材にとりこむ空間美術)などが挙げられます.

2008年から2009年にかけては,チベットはラサのノルブ・ル・カン寺院(Norbu Lu Khang, Lhasa)の,15フィートx53インチの北壁壁画の電子技術による再現,つぎはぎ修復に取り組みました.歴代ダライ・ラマとその師僧たちだけが使うことを許されたこの瞑想堂は,中国によるチベット侵略の前夜まで、1000年の歳月にわたって維持保存されてきたはずのものでした.


Kiku Hawkes

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