A Prayer for Napa, Sonoma

A Prayer from ATSURO (distant-earth.org admin) to some friends in Napa, Sonoma.

Time Crystal

I know…,
We’re all gonna die someday and reach to break up into pieces
Although that’s a fact of life…,
I don’t wanna forget how I feel now, right now, the present
when my heart stands still

So far, How many innocent but impermanent dreams
we had made then destroyed?

In the tunnel where the exit cannot be seen, Nobody can stop breathing
Now, here you shouldn’t say you want to die

Time Crystal, you live it
Time goes to all the shores like the ocean
It will change your destinies in various directions

Time Crystal
Time is like a lightning bolt.
Shake the earth run through the starry sky
In the hearts of people, going to create light flowers of Love and farewell

Time Crystal, our hears be one in it.
May this song (my son AOTO composed) bring some rain to California.


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