Waves- Kiva Simova / Adam Daly / Neil Wilson


A project inspired by the Japan Tsunami in 2011.
Created: Friday, April 1, 2011

Kiva (Kiva Simova) http://www.kivaweb.com/
porsalin (Adam Daly) http://www.myspace.com/adamdalyuk
Rolf (Neil Wilson)

Project URL: http://kompoz.com/p/23753
License : Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License ::

Kiva Simava (キヴァ・シモヴァ) の喉歌.彼女が創る二重音声 (Overtones) は強く柔らかく,女性的な威厳に満ちあふれています.日本に暮らしたこともある彼女が,鎮魂と再生の祈りを込めて,二曲を捧げてくれました.

Canadian Kiva Simova is an internationally recognized expert of western harmonic overtone singing, a technique whereby a single voice produces two distinct pitches in counterpoint. Also a keyboardist/ composer/ conductor/ educator, her originals span world beat, pop, nu-jazz, experimental and new classical genres. With two solo CDs (The Ladder and Pulse), her own Prague based overtone choir AURALIA, (composing/ arranging all the music), she is frequently invited by other well-known artists (i.e. Tanya Tagaq, Jennifer Berezan) to provide her exotic wide-ranging vocal improvisations in concert, recordings and film. She has performed and taught workshops for over two decades, in Canada, USA, Europe, Russia and Japan.

Kiva Simova

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